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Resources about Biological Database Design

This list is by no means exhaustive. It contains primarily resources that I have found useful. However, if there is a useful resource you think I have overlooked, please feel free to e-mail me (melanie_renee_nelson at yahoo dot com). If the resource is an article, a link is provided to the article's PubMed entry, or to the appropriate website if the article is not indexed by PubMed. If the resource is a book, a link is provided to Amazon.com (this is for convenience only: I am not signed up for their kickback program).

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Resources specifically about the design of databases to store biological information [ top ]

General database design resources [ top ]

Resources about data integration [ top ]

Resources about specific database management systems [ top ]

Resources about the design process [ top ]

Resources about tuning SQL statements [ top ]

Many people use performance issues as a justification for denormalizing their database. Denormalization should never be the first thing you do to address performance issues. The first thing you should do is tune your SQL statements.

Miscellaneous resources [ top ]

Primary author: Melanie Nelson
Last edited: 1 February 2004