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Biological Database Design, UCSD Extension, Spring 2006

The lecture slides linked to on this page were created for use in a six week, three-hour per week class, and are provided here primarily for the use of the students enrolled in that class. Others are welcome to download them, but should do so with the understanding that they are essentially incomplete: context for the slides was provided in the class lectures. All data models presented in these slides should be taken as teaching examples, and not necessarily as examples of how to design a database in a "real" situation. Although these models could serve as a starting point for the design of some biological databases, certain aspects are necessarily simplified or omitted in order to allow the class to focus on the issues highlighted in lecture.

With those caveats, you are welcome to use these slides for your own research. However, if you wish to reproduce the slides or any portion of them, please contact me for permission. Please e-mail me (melanie_renee_nelson at yahoo dot com) if you find any errors or have any questions about the slides.

Week 1: Introduction to databases and the relational model

Week 2: Database design process, entity-relation diagrams, normalization

Week 3: Introduction to SQL, biological sequence data

Week 4: Gene expression data, LIMS

Week 5: Issues specific to biological databases

This page and all of the lecture slides to which it links are copyright Melanie Nelson. Please do not reproduce without permission.

Primary author: Melanie Nelson
Last edited: 29 May 2006