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One of the reasons we set up this website was to give us a place to post our projects.

Uh... we'll get to that soon.

Warren's current project is getting the web server and website configured to his liking. This seems to be a never-ending project, and seems to ensure that he will never have to write any content for this site.

Melanie's first project was generating some content for this website. Obviously, that is also going to be a perpetual project. She was next going to devise a project that would force her to learn Java, but got distracted by her real job, then getting married (that might have distracted Warren a bit, too), and then taking a cool 4 month trip around the pacific rim (also a bit of a distraction for Warren). Currently, she is teaching a class on biological database design at the UCSD extension. The class runs until the end of June, 2006. After that, she has no excuse not to work on the Java thing, but is missing science so may do something science-y instead.